Tips for Shopping For Authentic CBD


An enlightened customer is a satisfied customer.  Thus, before you shop and fill up your cart with CBD products you think are best for you, I hope that this article catches your attention so you don’t spend a lot on products that you may end up not using anyway. Yes, it is true that CBD products give new hope to patients who were looking for alternative, natural ways of healing. But because of its fame, there might be fake CBD products out there which may do more harm to your health. Bad shopping decisions can, of course, be prevented with the right information that, hopefully, can empower you to make smart decisions.

Do a lot of research on the basics of CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a derivative product of either marijuana or hemp. CBD’s origin matters a lot as it dictates how much THC it contains. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical responsible for producing the ‘high’ or any psychological effects that a patient may feel after using the plant. In general, CBD from industrial hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC, an amount that would not give you a high. However, if it contains more than 0.3 percent, then that comes from marijuana. You should be careful with marijuana-based CBD products as their THC levels may actually be higher than what they have openly declared.

Also, there are restrictions on the use of CBD. For example, some CBD pet products should be taken with caution as this might cause an unwarranted change of behavior among dogs and other pets. Also, be careful with the THC content in CBD vapes and go for something mild and legit.

Do ask yourself what you want to use it for.

CBD comes in many forms–topical products, vapes, sleeping tablets and suppositories are one of the most common. Each product has its own strength and limitation that should be considered. Although, it has been praised to have healing properties from pain and anxiety to muscle pains, still, this needs further proof. For now, experts agree that CBD can heal certain types of epilepsy. It can also provide quick relief to discomforts like muscle cramps and anxiety.

Read reviews and particularly found more information on its taste, ease of use and concentrations.

Reviews are helpful in providing information that a company may not reveal. For example, it will show if a product has a good taste or not. This matters, for example, in CBD vapes. Some flavors may be too strong for you. Also, we naturally, buy products that are easy to administer and those that fit our preferences. Ask yourself: Are you comfortable using a particular CBD product? Some people are not familiar with vaporizers and vape pens and thus may want to consider other alternatives. Do you want something that provides quick relief?

Meanwhile, volume and milligrams are two different things.  And, the product’s milligram information is what really matters rather than its total volume.

Be wary of fake companies and misleading labels.

As fake products are flooding in the market, so are mislabeled products. According to a study, 30% of CBD products are mislabeled, most of them are vape products. Mislabeled CBD products may also contain more THC than you imagine. It could also contain less CBD thus reducing the efficacy of the product. This, of course, could be very dangerous and detrimental especially in situations that require focus and productivity. Just imagine inadvertently taking a CBD sleeping pill with high THC and waking up drowsy and not being able to perform at work! One of the worst cases would be failing in a drug test for taking a fake or mislabeled CBD product.

A lower price may not always be the best option.

These days, CBD has received good reviews from reputable media outlets and reliable public figures causing an increase in its value and price. With this, companies producing fake products may take advantage by producing cheaper products. However, one should always take these products with a grain of salt. For one thing, the cost of testing, safety, and quality protocols are not cheap and thus cheap CBD products may not have been tested. Simply put, be wary of cheap CBD products.