5 CBD Skin Products for Spring


Spring is just around the corner. So, where are you off to? Whether you are going to Mexico or Miami or any place where you can bask in the sun, there is a CBD product that can give your skin the TLC it deserves. CBD topical products are gaining popularity basically because CBD (cannabidiol) has proven benefits for your skin without giving you a high.

According to Jeannel Astarita, CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is proven effective to alleviate pain, anxiety, and spasm among other body discomforts. For now, studies on CBD’s impact on our skin is still in its infancy stage with limited studies proving its efficacy, however, this does not stop the public from getting curious about the substance. As a result, it has found its way to our beauty products. Here are five CBD skin care products perfect for maintaining your skin’s health this spring.

Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

While enjoying the temperate climate of spring, it is best to protect your lips and keep them hydrated with the Veritas Farms Spectrum CBD Lip Balm. This product is a combination of organic substances like cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera mixed with 25 mg of CBD. Worry not as this Veritas product only contains .3% or less THC as mandated by federal laws nationwide. Also, this chapstick contains phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil derived from hemp flowers and leaves especially grown in Colorado. It has passed the highest safety and consistency standards and thus safe and perfect for skin use.

Felix & Ambrosia Sunny Daze Sun Cream

Want to catch some rays in the beach after getting bored of spending time indoors during winter? Felix & Ambrosia Sunny Daze Sun Cream is your perfect companion as it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. It is an all-natural sunscreen with  SPF 30 and 25mg of CBD. This product is good for sun lovers who want their sunscreen made from plant cellulose, thus removing the guilt of using an environmentally-hazardous product. It is fragrance-free and will not contest with other scented creams you apply on your body. It contains less than 0.3% THC and is also cruelty-free.

Green Roads CBD Relax Bears

Sometimes, mounting pressure from the office and from our relationships take a toll on us and may hinder us from fully enjoying our spring break. If you feel tensed or anxious, try the Green Roads CBD Relax Bears. These CBD-infused gummy bears come in fun colors and flavors. This is a convenient gummies snack even for those who are health-buffs as these are made of all-natural CBD and contains a very minimal amount of calories, carbs, and sugars, and has 0 fat. You should also be at least 18 years old to be legible to consume this product.

Myaderm CBD Blemish Cream

We don’t want acne to get in the way and make us feel self-conscious during photoshoots. Avoid the discomfort by using Myaderm CBD Blemish Cream. It is a moisturizer that clears skin blemishes and protects skin from acne breakout without sacrificing your skin’s moisture and overall health. It is a non-drying formula with organic ingredients that keeps skin feeling soft without the danger of dryness, peeling, and irritation.

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Pen

Bring the flavors of spring anywhere you go with Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Pen. They come in three tasty flavors:  exotic watermelon kush, wild blueberry jam, and bangin fruity bedrock. It is convenient to use as it does not need any battery or charger. All you need to do is take a puff from the pre-filled pen which contains 150 puffs. And when you’re done, you simply can throw the pen away without hassle! It comes with varying levels of CBD together with your favorite e-liquid flavor.